Mon, May 20, 2024

5 beauty facials for a glowing Eid


Published: 19 May, 2024, 09:41 AM

Ayurvedic Vita Glow

Using simple, organic products, Vita Glow is an all-natural facial that helps in adding radiance and vibrance to the face. No bleaching products are used in this facial. Instead, the bowl is a healthy and rejuvenating mix of ingredients like carrots, orange juice, and oatmeal. The service helps the skin retain a healthy glow even after hours out in the sun, and prevents unwanted tanning. The facial also tackles light pigmentation on skin that does not require very heavy-duty treatment to bring some brightness back into it.


This facial entails the use of bleaching products to provide instant glow to the face. The service is usually taken up by women who have an urgent event to go to or an occasion such as Eid around the corner. Where other facials provide a fresh, natural perk to the skin, this facial is known for making the face look brighter and fairer with the help of chemicals, in a matter of hours. Call it a quick-fix when one does not have the time to go through a number of treatments to reduce pigmentation or tanning naturally.

Ayurvedic Sunburn

A lot of women are allergy prone and do not like to go for facials too close to an occasion for fear of a break-out. Others are not comfortable with a lot of artificial products on their face. For those who like to keep the load light, the Ayurvedic Sunburn is the facial treatment to go for, for some ultimate skin pampering. The facial boasts more massages that others and uses certain oils and floral juices to get rid of the effects of tanning, especially after one has had some serious tête-a-tête with the sun.

Micro Dermabrasion Hydra-lifting

A cream-based facial, it helps minimise pores, repairs double chins, and acts as an anti-ageing agent, all at once. Although a little on the costlier side, Micro Dermabrasion Hydra-lifting uses five different kinds of machinery and hard clay masks to lift up loose skin and give it a tighter, more youthful feel.

Lifting and Whitening for Anti-Ageing

A lighter version of Hydra-lifting, this facial does not include chemical products but helps in livening up the skin through the use of masks and other ingredients. The facial also makes it look naturally brighter and fairer and brings an irresistible vivacity to the skin, making it fresh and supple to the touch.